A Joint Initiative was created, and is maintained, by Night Flight Concepts and Delta P working in partnership with government authorities, industry associations and corporations.

About Night Flight Concepts
Night Flight Concepts (NFC) is a comprehensive night vision technology (NVT) provider specializing in night vision goggle (NVG) maintenance technician training, NVG service & maintenance repair, NVG pilot and crewmember flight training, and night vision program support for law enforcement agencies, air medical/rescue services, military organizations, and government task force agencies worldwide.

About Delta P  
Delta P provides aerospace physiology and human factors operational support in order to meet the needs of various aviation units. Their expertise is employed in the training of aviators and support staff to encourage the anticipation of the physical challenges associated with aviation. They leverage extensive experience, capabilities and resources to provide state-of-the-art methods in support of aviation operations and engineering design projects.

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